Our Story

The Why... Simple Faithfulness in All of Life

In early 2018, a man found himself on the back end of a significant career move in what many may call “a rut”. He was caught in a place where he didn’t have clear direction on how to be the person he was called to be. At the time he was trying to use a popular planner to find some clarity, but with the complexity of it, he got lost. After meeting with a dear friend, he was encourage to set aside a weekend to write out who he wanted to be. He says to this day, it was the best advice he could have had. He found out, the man he was trying to be was actually pretty simple. He wanted to be a man who instilled some specific Rhythms (habits) in his life… a man who faithfully prayed, learned, and was intentional with the people and events in his life. By focusing on those simple characteristics he knew he needed a tool to help him be this man, which is why the Faithful Rhythms Planner exists today. This planner is for men or women, professional or not… basically anyone who desires to have a “simple faithfulness in all of life.”  Enjoy!

-Faithful Rhythms Founder, Matt Brost